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Below is a grouping of testamonials that we have received through Music X-ray from songwriters all over the world.


It seems that perhaps we are doing something that other music industry professionals are not. 

We listen to your material.


We are proud to tell you that we have received over forty 5 STAR reviews.

Thoughtful, helpful reviews

I've sent in two songs to Donald Ferro for review. It was clear that he listened conscientiously to both, and provided me in each case with a thoughtful, articulate, and helpful review. I respect his experience, and attach weight to the comments he has made. All in all, I would rate this service worth the investment.

Desert Red

Great service!

Mr. Ferro's critique was an actual, honest-to-goodness critique, not just a pat on the head and "submit again". He offers great, thorough, specific information on where my song is weak and how to make it better, and in a firm but very courteous, professional, and encouraging manner. His input will unquestionably take my song to the next level. If you want a pat on the head, go to one of the cheaper "song critique" coaches. If you want to get better, go to Sweet Rosie and Mr. Ferro. ds

Dave Sprinkle

Well worth forwarding my Country song!

I have to say, this has been the best feedback I have had from any A&R company. It was thoughtful and kind, and obvious that time had been given to not only listening to the song, but listening to my lyrics. I could go through another A&R team for this forward but know that if this song is liked by Mr Ferraro it will be in careful and considerate hands! It made my day to know how much he thought of my song! :)


I must say that the review of my music was excellent, very comprehensive, extremely helpful, and reflected a very thoughtful approach. Donald Ferro obviously took a great deal of time listening to the song, and did so more than once, and delivered a well written, crisp analysis, that was right on the mark. I was very pleased with the significant effort he made to point out the strong and weak points in a manner that was encouraging rather than discouraging. It's easy to criticize someone's music, but a well rounded critique is the mark of a true professional. Mr. Ferraro knows his business, and I recommend him to anyone looking for an unvarnished review that will, without question, help improve the song submitted. Kudos all around.

Mike T.

Mike T.

Everything I expected

I paid for a professional song critique from Mr. Ferro after being impressed with previous feedback I got from other songs, and the constructive criticism he gave me was so perfect - and really geared toward how current-day publishers would break down a song in terms of marketability. This critique was exactly what I was looking for, and therefore well worth the cost in my case. My sincere thanks.

Doug Amell

First class

Although my song was not chosen, I have to say that the response I received from Sweet Rosie Music was exceptional. A very in-depth, extremely helpful critique/review of my song. I could tell that they had listened to the track & had actually enjoyed listening to it. This has given me a boost knowing that I "almost made it". It makes such a nice change from the typical response of "not quite what we are looking for" that has become all too famliar on Music Xray.

Alan T

Highly Recommended!

This is a great company to submit your songs to... They respond very quickly and give you honest feedback... Feedback that indicates they actually took the time to listen to the song... I have submitted two songs to them on to different occasions... While I felt both songs were structured well and they did as well, I too, as they were, was concerned about the hooks being powerful enough. They were not and I agree 100% with their estimation. I will learn from their critique and simply write songs with better hooks to send them in the future...Well worth the small fee for very usable and professional feedback...They are like a breath of fresh air in a very tough business to get your music listened to...Highly recommended!

Tony P.

First rate A&R staff

I feel like I know the staff at Sweet Rosie personally. They have helped me become a better songwriter through their positive feedback and warm comments. Though I have yet to be published, they have given me good reasons to keep up my craft, and to push on. Good things will come... Thank you Donald, and Sweet Rosie! Dondi Allen

Dondi Allen

You Guys Are Super!

Even though my song wasn't selected, I have to say that I wish more submissions were like the experiences I've had over the years with Sweet Rosie Music. They truly listen and evaluate how they feel about your song with constructive and, better yet, encouraging words. I hope one day I can give them a song that can do well in the market place. Thanks so much, Donald.

Fred Rohan Vargas

Very professional

Sweet Rosie Music responded to my submissions in a timely fashion with very positive, honest, and thorough feedback. It's clear they listened to and strongly considered each of my songs I submitted. I will definitely be submitting more music to them. Kudos to Donald Ferro and everyone at SRM!



I would just like to take this opportunity, to say a few words about SWEET ROSIE MUSIC, and mr DONALD FERRO. I am a songwriter from bournemouth ENGLAND, i have recently submitted many songs to many opportunities, via music xray, and i can honestly say without a doubt the most in depth, and constructive reply, was from SWEET ROSIE MUSIC. Mr Ferro obviously takes time to indeed listen to every track several times, before he makes his decisions, ( mine was a no ) on this occasion, and he is fully aware what it means to people like myself, who truly love music, and writing songs, and just how difficult it is to get a foothold into the business, so i would just like to say, MR FERRO, I take my hat off to you sir, and salute you. more people in the business like him, would be a great help, !!! many thanks for your time, KEVIN B.

Kevin B.

Encouraging Feedback

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Donald Ferro for his thoughtful time and consideration in reviewing a recent song submission. Not only did his comments reflect his dedication to the craft and support of songwriters, Donald also took the time to provide some personal encouragement. While this medium of communication can often be cold and uninviting, I felt the feedback reflected overwhelming support, heartfelt understanding and encouragement to continue in this pursuit as a songwriter. The positive feedback I received for this song review will resonate with me for a long time, and result in many referrals to Sweet Rosie Music & the MusicXray service as a positive and rewarding experience. Thank you again for your dedication to the song! Tania Joy

Tania Joy

The best critique I have had on Xray

I cant say thankyou enough to Sweet Rosie Music for their helpful suggestions and critique. In particular, explaining how to push the vocals forward in the mix, and put the lyrics down on the site - such small things but they have made a big difference in getting my song noticed, put on hold and selected. I hope to be able to submit more songs to Sweet Rosie in the near future. Thankyou so much. Rose


Still the most helpful song critique service

I have submitted to a number of MIPs for song critiques, and Donald Ferro/Sweet Rosie Music remains at the top of my list in terms of quality. I am always seeking specific technical advice to help improve my songs and help me continue to develop skill as a songwriter, and the feedback from Donald Ferro is ideal. I get well-reasoned advice on lyrics and structure, melody and arrangement. As such, I consider this service well worth the cost.

Bill Tuck

Excellent Critique

This critique far exceeded my expectations. I have been writing and recording for a very long time. This detailed and honest critique nailed my strong points....which got me smiling, and then shined a bright light on my weaknesses....which really got me thinking. If you are serious about what you are doing....send something to Donald Ferraro. Then you can get really serious.

Leonard Scaper

The authenticity of these testamonials is verifiable at the www.musicxray.com site. Simply, find us on their site listed under "Publishing Deals" and you will see these testamonials just as they were submitted to "Music Xray."  This is just another reason that we applaud the efforts made by the Music Xray organization; they allow (in fact, encourage) the writers who use their service to report publicly, for all to see, any feedback about the "music industry professionals" that are represented on their site.  Hats off to Music Xray.  Lord knows, there are more than enough "vultures" circling this industry and anything that helps those of us who are focused on the REAL music business is very appreciated.


To access our A&R department for the purpose of having a professional critique of your work, please use the Music Xray service that is detailed on our page entitled "How To Submit Your Material."  We apologize that we cannot offer this service free of charge.  We would like to, because we truly enjoy helping writers refine their work.  Unfortunately, when we offered the service for free, we were simply overwhelmed with requests and it simply was not cost effective for us.  Our A&R personnel, along with our songplugger personnel are both top notch and to be perfectly frank with you, they cost plenty.  But we wouldn't have it any other way.  They are the heart of our operation.  So now, by charging for this service, we accomplish 2 things; the volume of requests for critiquing has dropped to a level we can handle, and, not so surprising, the quality of the works that are submitted, has gone up considerably.