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Please read very carefully.

Because publishing is such a complicated business model to manage, there are many demands upon the leadership of an organization like Sweet Rosie Music.  

And because of those many demands, it can be easy for a publishing firm to simply refuse to review unsolicited material.  A completely "closed door policy" is obviously, the easiest to manage.  Not accepting ANY does eliminate some nasty problems and means a company can have one less department to manage.  

That is why it is the "default position" of almost all publishers to simply refuse to accept any unsolicited material.

We have been working very hard to find a way to review your material, even though it is unsolicited, that will protect us from a deluge of material that we could never "handle," and yet, give you, the unknown, and maybe unpublished, writer a chance to be heard.

For the last 5 years, we have used an internet platform called "Music Xray" as a type of screening service and also a service that has done an excellent job of organizing unsolicited material as it arrives and placing it into a very functional "dashboard" for publishers and producers.  We have very much enjoyed our "partnership" with Music Xray, but unfortunately, we won't be able to continue that partnership any longer.  We cannot speak highly enough about the effort that has been made by Mike McCready and the staff at Music X-ray.  We certainly wish them well with their unique and much needed internet platform.  

So, just what does that mean for you, and how do you now submit material to us?

How to submit your material directly to us.

We are currently accepting 3 types of submissions.  They are:

1.  Consider your song for general publication

2.  Submit your song to be critiqued by our professional staff

3.  Submit a set of lyrics to be critiqued by our professional staff

The advantages of submitting directly to us are many, but the first that you may notice is that it will cost you less, since the surcharge that is placed on submissions when going through Music Xray is no longer necessary.  It will save you some money.  The patience required by you, however, will remain the same.  You may hear back from us in as little as 5 or 7 days, but that is not the norm.  More often, you may need to wait 30 to 35 days for a response from us.  It really depends on the amount of submissions that are coming in at the time of your submission.  From our perspective, submissions arrive in unpredictable waves.

Again, let us emphasize that considering unsolicited material is something that is difficult to do, and so very few publishers will even entertain the practice.   You will find very specific instruction to guide you.  Follow them carefully and your material should arrive in our office without a problem.

Click on one of the three opportunities listed below to submit your material DIRECTLY to us.

Right now, these three types of submissions are the only types of submissions that you can send directly to us via Paypal.  

1. Consider My Song For Publication  

    $12.00 per song

                                                 2. Professional Song Critique


                                                                                 $30 per song

3. Lyrics Only Critique

       $25.00 per set