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A Professional Critique of Your Song


A professional song critique can be very useful to a songwriter once he/she is ready for the feedback. This is a service that we provide for our signed writers on a regular basis.  The reason our more experienced writers want us to critique their new songs is perhaps not all that obvious.  Our signed writers are extremely talented people.  They know that.   Almost everything they write is good.  But they are seeking feedback to help them find the weaknesses in their work...where can it be made better, or more commercial.  How can the song be elevated and go from "good" to "great."  

As an example, it can be hard to judge the strength of a hook accurately when you have heard it thousands of times; while you were writing the song, rewriting the song, arranging the song, rehearsing the song, producing the song, and perhaps performing the song as well.  That hook can seem real "sticky" when you've heard it that many times.  

So a big part of what we can offer you in a professional critique is "fresh ears."  

Sometimes it can be really hard to find professional "fresh ears" to listen to your work.  If that is what you need, then this service is custom made for you.  


After logging into your Paypal account, select "Pay or Send Money."  Then select "Pay for Goods or Services." Send a payment of $30.00 to submissions@sweetrosiemusic.com .

During this process, you will have the opportunity to send us a message along with your payment.

You will see a window marked "Special Instructions to Seller (optional)"

Your note should read as follows;

1.    Please critique my song entitled "YOUR SONG TITLE"

2.    You can find this song at this link:

              example:  www.reverbnation.com/YourName

3.    Include a copy of your lyrics.  This is important.

We cannot accept songs sent to us via email with an attached sound file.  These files are too large so when they pile up in our cue waiting to be processed, they create problems for us...so we can only accept songs that are submitted using an internet link; such as SoundCloud or Reverbnation or SonicBids, or any website address that can get us directly to your song.  Be careful about this or your song may never be heard.

Be certain that the link that you send to us will lead us directly to your song.  

If possible, include the lyrics to your song in this window marked "Special Instructions to Seller." 

Then you will need to be patient and await your critique

When completed, it will be sent to the e-mail address associated with your Paypal account.