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Publishing Consideration
How To Submit Your Song for Consideration

Songs submitted will be carefully considered for general publication.

Here is exactly what that means so we can avoid any misunderstanding.

Your song will be listened to ONCE from BEGINNING TO END.  This is actually quite unusual in the music industry.  Most publishers and producers, when screening material, only listen to a song up through the first chorus.  If they don't absolutely love that first chorus and think it is a monster hook, they won't bother to listen to the rest of the song.  We do.

Your song is listened to by one of 3 expert screeners, each with credentials impressive enough to work wherever they choose, and so we are most pleased to have them here with us.  Know this.....they are extraordinary talents and they look for nothing but outstanding songs.  They reject in the neighborhood of 98% of what they hear.   Ouch!   But you might as well know the truth about the business you, and we, are both in.  It is tough....very tough  

About 2% are forwarded to a final decision board, comprised of 4 principles.  If they get a majority of 3 to give your song a "thumbs up," you will be offered a 2 year song publishing contract for that particular song.

We are one of the few publishing houses that will even screen unsolicited material, and hopefully, you can see that we take it very seriously, and we are always looking for that "next great writer" that we can help along the path.  

WE ONLY ACCEPT PAYMENTS THROUGH "PAYPAL."  If you don't have a Paypal account, you should open one as your first step.  There is no fee involved with opening a Paypal account.  You only need an e-mail address.

Here is how the payment of $12 is to be handled.  After logging into your Paypal account, click on "Pay or Send Money."  Then select "Pay for Goods or Services."

Address your Paypal payment to "submissions@sweetrosiemusic.com."

You will see a window marked "Special Instructions to Seller" where you can send us a note along with your payment.  Your note should look exactly like this:

1.  Please consider my song for general publication.

2.  The title of my song is _________________.

3.  The link to my song is (ex. www.Reverbnation.com/HollyBanker)

4.  It would behoove you to paste a copy of your lyrics in this window as well.

Be CERTAIN that the song you are submitting appears on that exact page that you are linking us to.  We won't go looking for it if it is not easily accessable right on that page. 

We cannot accept songs sent to us via email with an attached sound file.  These files are too large so when they pile up in our cue waiting to be processed, they create problems for us...so we can only accept songs that are submitted using an internet link; such as SoundCloud or Reverbnation or SonicBids, or any website address that can get us directly to your song.  Be careful about this or your song may never be heard.

Once your song has been processed, you will receive notification of our decision.  It is important that you understand that this service does not include a critique of your song.  If it is a critique that you desire, we do offer that service as well but it is a much more labor intensive service and is more costly.