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How to Order a Critique of Your Lyrics


It can be incredibly difficult for a true lyricist to find professional feedback on a set of lyrics that is not attached to a melody.

We take a great deal of pride in offering this most valuable service for pure lyricists.  A pure lyricist is a rare artist, and they come in two forms.  The lyricist that writes his lyrics before there is any suggestion of a melody and then turns those lyrics over to a composer to build the music that will attach to the words.  A great example of this type of lyricist is Bernie Taupin, the super talent that wrote all the lyrics for Elton John's early career.  

And then there are the Burt Bacharachs and Hal Davids of the world.  They almost always would create the music first and then Hal David would write the perfect syllables for every note.  

If you need to have a critique of your lyrics, this is the service that you should pursue.


1. After logging into your Paypal account, select "Pay or Send Money."  Then select "Pay for Goods or Services."     Send a payment of $25.00 to submissions@sweetrosiemusic.com .     

2.  During that process you will see a window marked "Special Instructions to Seller (optional)"  This functions very well as a place for you to paste in your lyrics.  

PayPal is the ONLY way we accept payment for this service.

Once completed, your critique will be sent to the e-mail address associated with your PayPal Account.

At busy times, this can take as long as 35 days.  Please be patient.