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Welcome to Sweet Rosie Music. 

Sweet Rosie Music was first launched in 1999 as a subsidiary of MotherLode Productions, established in 1980, and is an ASCAP affiliated publisher.  We are dedicated to finding the very best songwriters and bringing their best material to market.  In the 17 years since our inception, we have seen an almost unbelievable amount of change in the music industry.  Almost every aspect of how we record music to how we market music has changed so drastically, it is no wonder that many songwriters are confused about how to bring their music to market. 

We have had to adjust "on the fly" just to be able to continue to turn a profit each year.  As is true for any publisher, our profits are based on a 50/50 split with our writers.  So, if we have a good year, our writers have a good year.  And the converse is also true.  If we have a bad year, chances are, many of our writers will have  a leaner year as well.  The symbiotic relationship between a writer and his/her publisher is one that is crucial to BOTH parties EQUALLY.  We have the utmost respect for the writers that choose us as their publisher and think, that if surveyed, our writers would reciprocate that sentiment. 


Because of all of the changes that the industry is currently undergoing, we often find that songwriters are at a loss as to how to submit material to publishers and how to rate one publisher from another.  In addition to that, each year a new "crop" of writers arrive on the scene and many of them need a basic education or exposure as to just how a publisher functions. 

Because of this, and because of our commitment to the industry and our commitment to finding new and exciting writers, we believe that one meaningful way that we can give back to the community that has been so good to us, is to help in the process of educating new and young writers as to how the publishing industry works.  We have created some pamphlets, if you will, that are available to you from our main menu.  Click on the "What Is Music Publishing" menu button and help yourself to some of our materials.  If you have questions about how a publisher works, this may be of great help to you.


Please be advised: We are currently ACCEPTING UNSOLICITED MATERIAL, but you must submit it to us using a very specific manner.  The instructions for submissions can be found under the menu tab above marked "Submit Your Material." 


We feel very confident that you will enjoy using this method of submission.  We no longer accept any submissions by either US mail or mp3s attached to email.  These outdated methods are not cost effective for us so any material that is submitted to us by these now obsolete methods is simply "trashed" and the material is never listened to.  So save yourself some time and don't submit in those manners.  Thank you very much.