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Sweet Rosie Music
How it all began.


The back-story on Sweet Rosie Music is a long one.  The founder of Sweet Rosie Music is Don Ferro, who's history in the recording business dates back to the late 60's, when Don, still a teenager, found himself signed to Mercury Records as a recording artist.  He had the very exciting privilege of working with some of the great pop artists of that time (The Buckinghams, Steam, Colleen, Andy Kim, The Buoys, Gloria Gaynor, the list goes on and on).  As Don aged into his mid-twenties, he transitioned from artist to producer and found himself in a place much better suited  for his talents and his passions.  He is now the principle owner of 3 music organizations; MotherLode Productions, founded in 1980, Bonetree Music Publishing, and his youngest firm (now 10 years old), Sweet Rosie Music, an ASCAP affiliate.   With Don at the helm, the mission statement of the firm was always extremely clear.


Sweet Rosie Music Mission Statement:

There are 2 clear goals for our organization:

1.  Each and every year we must find new and exciting songwriters that are extremely talented at writing commercially viable songs.  We will publish what we think is the very best of their songs and make extraordinary efforts to monetize those songs; whether it is by placement with an artist to be released as a pop single, or perhaps placed into a soundtrack of a movie or a television show, or possibly used as a radio and television commercial. 

2.  Give back to the community of "up and coming" writers any educational tools we believe will make them better at what they do.  The better our songwriters can write, the better their chances of making a good living through bringing their musical talents to market. 


How To Reach Us:

We prefer to be contacted by email at inquiries@SweetRosieMusic.com

After many years of being located in Manhattan, we have finally fulfilled our dream (thanks to the internet) and have moved our operation upstate away from the hustle and bustle of "the city," and we are thrilled with our new location.  If it is necessary to talk with us by phone, you can reach us at 1-518-356-0020.  However, please do not call us in reference to accepting your material for consideration.    


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